Conservation Track


Wavemaker Program
Grades: 4-7
The Wavemaker Program can be used to guide educators in some basic steps to inspire students to think about becoming better water stewards.
Points: 10/activity completed
Tracks: Conservation

Bottled Water vs Tap Water Documentary
Grades: 4-7
This 19 minute documentary makes the case for choosing to drink tap water over bottled water.
Points: 20
Tracks: Conservation

Ravine Education Program
Grades: 4-8
Through guided observation and exploration, these lesson plans and classroom activities will enable your 4th-8th grade students to understand ravine and lakefront ecosystems prior to development, the plants and animals that historically used them as refuge, and the species that still depend on the lakefront today--including people!
Points: 10/activity reported
Tracks: Lakes, Watersheds, Conservation, Stormwater & Green Infrastructure, Water Cycle & Quality, Ravine Ecosystems

STEMhero -- Personal Water & Energy Data Inquiry
Nathan Conroy
STEMhero is an award winning curriculum enhancement and professional development. It is aligned with NGSS and CCSS -- born in Milwaukee and now serving teachers around the country.
Sponsored locally by MKE Plays (limited sponsored licenses available)
Data Analysis, Conservation

Water in Your School
This guide is designed to help you introduce the concept of water conservation. Students can do activities to identify what watersheds are, what pollutants affect watersheds, where they use water each day, and how they can reduce their water use.
Points: 10
Tracks: Watersheds, Conservation