Rivers Track


Climate Wisconsin
Grades: 6-12
From warming trout streams to decreasing ice cover, lower lake levels to extreme heat, Climate Wisconsin tells stories from a rapidly changing state.  Each of the nine short videos is accompanied by additional research and ideas for further learning.
Points: 20
Tracks: Lakes, Rivers

Water Journeys
Grades: 3-12
NEXT.cc is an educational nonprofit that offers information, object, experience and environmental activities connected to larger earth, air, water and energy systems. NEXT.cc’s journeys introduce activities online, in the classroom, in the community and globally. Explore any of the Water Journeys: water; waves; watershed; water quality; water conservation; precipitation; rainwater harvesting; rain gardens; acid rain; clouds; climate; rivers; great lakes; aquaponics; fish; green roofs; urban agriculture.
Points: 20/journey reported
Standards Connections: NAAEE, NGSS Primary (K-2), NGSS Elementary (3-5), NGSS Middle School, WI Art and Design Standards
Tracks: Lakes, Rivers, Watersheds, Conservation, Water Cycle & Quality, Stormwater & Green Infrastructure

Aquatic Ecology & Habitat Hotels Lesson Plan
: 4-6
Contact: Tony Giron
The 3-day lesson plan covers habitats and food webs all within a local context. On the second day students present a solution to a man-made problem. On the third day students are bussed to UWM's School of Freshwater Sciences, learn about Habitat Hotels, and meet with freshwater scientists.
Costs: covered by Harbor District, Inc.
Points: 50
Tracks: Lakes, Rivers

Riverkeeper for a Day!
Grades: 4-9
Contact: Education Coordinator, Anna
Students will be able to address the following questions: What indicators and characteristics do Milwaukee Riverkeeper scientists and volunteers look for when testing water in the field? Why? What equipment do they use? Why is dissolved oxygen so important? How about pH or turbidity? What happens if too much salt gets into our rivers? Too much phosphorus? Students will use our equipment to test their own water samples and become a Riverkeeper for the day.
Points: 20
Rivers, Water Cycle & Quality

Riveredge Nature Center Field Experiences
Grades: K3-8
Apply online: http://www.riveredgenaturecenter.org/schoolprograms/school-program-application/
Whether in your classroom or in ours, Riveredge Nature Center has something for every class to study and explore the natural world around you. Our 380-acre natural sanctuary is the perfect place to study life that lives in ponds, rivers, prairies and forests.
Points: 30
Tracks: Lakes, Rivers, Watersheds, Water Cycle & Quality, Stormwater & Green Infrastructure

My Favorite River Critter
Grades: 1-3
The main goal of the "My Favorite River Critter" activity is to get students to recognize that there are animals in the river that depend on clean water. The program can be completed indoors or outside on the school grounds and will take approximately 45 minutes to complete.
Learning Outcomes: Students will be able to recognize animals that live in the river. Students will be able to match a predator to its prey. Students will be able to describe what a river critter needs to survive. 
This activity is best suited for classrooms that are located near a creek or river. Can be adapted for lakes.
Points: 10
Tracks: Rivers, Life Cycles, Adaptations

Milwaukee Community Map
Grades: 5-12
Contact: Michael Timm, Milwaukee Water Stories Program Manager
The Milwaukee Community Map is a free interactive map using Google Earth to share, explore, and create Milwaukee’s community water stories. The map hosts Water Stories, featuring local groups making a difference in our city’s collective water story; Basemaps, featuring geographic areas like watersheds, the sewer service area, and historic waterways; and Deeper Dives, featuring animated thematic tours. Click here to schedule a classroom discussion led by Reflo’s Milwaukee Water Stories program manager Michael Timm.
Points: 20
Tracks: Rivers, Watersheds, Stormwater & Green Infrastructure

Virtual Water Table
Contact: Michael Timm, Milwaukee Water Stories Program Manager
The Virtual Water Table, created by the nonprofit Reflo – Sustainable Water Solutions, is a versatile and dynamic mobile venue that will be available for schools to rent in 2019. Toggle the table through three engagement modes: Sandbox, Map, and Game. Sandbox mode projects an interactive contour map onto a sandbox—complete with flowing digital water. Map mode projects the Milwaukee Community Map in Google Earth. Game mode features the MKE Waterscape Game, where five players role-play through scenarios inspired by Milwaukee’s water history. Click here to put your school on the list for the 2019 rental schedule.
Points: 100
Tracks: Rivers, Watersheds, Stormwater & Green Infrastructure

Lake Sturgeon Bowl
Contact: Liz Sutton
Lake Sturgeon Bowl, the first Saturday in February, is a regional competition of the National Ocean Sciences Bowl (NOSB)—a round robin, double-elimination academic tournament for teams of five high school students who are interested in broadening their understanding of the oceans and Great Lakes.
Points: 100
Tracks: Lakes, Rivers, Watersheds, Stormwater & Green Infrastructure, Water Cycle & Quality, Oceanography