The Milwaukee Area’s Listing of Water and Sustainability Curricular Activities!

Educators can find a variety of tools to help engage their students and foster ecoliteracy and connection to the natural world.
Students and Family Members can find ways to support their school and reduce their environmental impact at home.
Organizations can share the resources they have to offer to make them easier for educators to find and utilize. 
Everyone can earn points for their school!

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Complete activities that improve the water quality in our rivers and lake or lead to a greater understanding of and connection to our local water resources to earn points for your school.

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Tell us about what you did and who participated with you and share some photos with us and we will give your school points.

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Check on your progress! See how many points your school has earned, how many people are involved and more.


Example Activities

Want a little inspiration? Some of the activities shown here were found on the ELC website, but others were found elsewhere or created entirely by other participants like you!

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Everyone can register to earn points for their school!

Signing Bonuses
100 bonus points awarded to schools that sign up half their staff by August 31, 2019!
Teachers: show us that at least half of your students and/or their family members have signed up and we'll give your school another 50 points!

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Earn points by completing activities that relate to our goal of protecting watersheds and building a connection with our local water resources.

We rounded up water-related field trips, classroom presentations, curriculum, things you can do at home and more so you can easily find activities that interest you. You can also develop your own activity or find one elsewhere, just make sure it relates to water.

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Reporting your activity to get points is simple: take a few photos while doing your activity and then submit them to us via the online Activity Reporting Form. Reflo will review your submission and award your school points.

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The Leaderboard shows current points of all competing schools.  We'll update this board once per month and send participants progress reports so you can track the impact your school is making.

Awards for the most motivated and engaged schools and individuals will be announced at the fourth annual Green Schools Conference in June!

Thank you to the ELC Activity Partners!