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We want you and your school to be successful in the Ecoliteracy Challenge! If you don’t see the answer to your question below, let us know how we can help.

Want to encourage more people to join the challenge? GREAT!


I don’t even know where to begin!

Never fear! We’re in the process of making some fun videos to help with this. In the meantime, visit the ELC homepage and scroll down for guidance, or feel free to send us an email at the link above.

I have activities to share! How do I get them posted?

You can fill out this quick and easy form here, and we’ll get them up for you!

I have a field trip opportunity to offer. What do I need to know about working with MPS schools?

Check out our handy guide for working with Milwaukee Public Schools on setting up a Field Trip.

Where can I find activities for my grade level?

Activity suggestions can be found on our Activities page. Select the type of activity (classroom presentation, field trip, etc.) you are looking for under either the Elementary or Middle & High School headings and the activities listed there will include information on what grade levels the activity is targeting. 

DO you have activities that are standards aligned?

Yep! Most of the lesson plans listed under the Curriculum tabs on our Activities page, and even many of the other types of activities such as Classroom Presentations and Field Trips, meet NGSS standards and/or Common Core state standards. We will try to list the specific standards alignment for each activity when we have access to that information.

What counts as an activity?

We welcome all activities big or small that relate to the care of and connection to our waterways! Clean up trash in your neighborhood to keep it from running into the storm drains, take a walk along a river or the lakefront or start a composting program at your school. Everything helps! Just remember to take pictures to submit when you report your activities.

How many points can I earn per activity?

The amount of points awarded will vary per activity. For example, activities that involve the whole school, like assemblies, are worth more than individual activities like teaching a lesson. To get a better idea of how we allocate points, check the Activities page to see how many points we are assigning for those activity types.

Do you have curriculum in Spanish?

We recognize the need for more multilingual resources for sustainability and are searching for them. If you have resources like this, please share them with us and we’ll add them here.

Can I earn points outside of school?

Absolutely! We've included a few resources on the Activities page, and you're welcome to create your own activities to do outside of school as well. 

Who reports our activities for points?

It is everyone's responsibility to report their own points. After you report your points, we will review your submission and keep track of the points on the Leaderboard.

When do I report points?

Anytime before the end of the school year. We’ll tally up points approximately once/month and update the Leaderboard.

Can I submit multiple activities on one form?

No, please make ONE submission for each activity you complete.

How many photos should I take?

We ask for a minimum of one photo per activity, but the more the merrier.

How many points will I get for reporting an activity I created or found on my own?

We use the information that you provide in your Activity Reporting Form to award points for your activity. The listed activities on the Activities page can be used as a reference for estimating how many points you might earn (i.e., if you created a lesson on water conservation it will likely be worth the same points as the water lessons from this page).

Do I get extra points for doing an activity more than once?

Yes! Just take a photo each time you do the activity and you'll get points when you submit them to us. You must submit each occurrence of the activity individually (on separate forms submissions) to get extra the points.

Can I report an activity I did earlier in the year?

You can report an activity from earlier in the year as long as you have photos of the activity or another form of proof that the activity was completed. If you have further questions, email us here.

I've submitted my activity, but why haven't my points shown up yet?

We update the Leaderboard monthly, so check back again later.