Complete activities that lead to a greater understanding of and connection to our local water resources to earn points for your school. Be sure to sign up first so we can track the points you earn for your school.

Remember to take photos of your activities so you can share them with us later in order to get your points.

We have collected a few resources to make it easy for you to find activities that match your needs. Want to create your own activity? No problem! We welcome all activities, large or small, and encourage you to get creative in finding ways to integrate water sustainability into every day. Send us the details and we’ll give you points based on similar activities and impacts.   

While we are currently focusing on activities that relate directly to water, we realize that everything we do in life has at least an indirect connection to water, so we also have included activities that promote green and healthy living in other capacities, such as reducing energy consumption and building stronger connections to nature in general.

New Activities Added 9/6/19

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Activities at Home

We’ve also collected activities for students, family members and school staff to complete when they’re not in school.
Check out our suggestions, and, as always, feel free to make up your own!

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