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Elementary Schools


Freshwater Tool Kit
Grades: PreK-12
The Freshwater Tool Kit is a product of the MKE Water Partners designed to connect Milwaukee-area educators with activities and organizations to help teach the foundational knowledge of water resources. We believe that learners with a strong understanding of water basics will become more engaged when they learn about in-depth water resource concepts and issues such as assessing, managing and protecting our water resources, and be more motivated to become a solution to protecting our waters. The Tool Kit contains lesson plans, classroom presentations and field trip opportunities that can be led on your own, or you can be connected to one of the MKE Water Partners organizations. Contact Kae DonLevy or visit for more information!
Points: varies
Tracks: Lakes, Rivers, Watersheds, Conservation, Water Cycle & Quality, Stormwater & Green Infrastructure

Mapping Lake Michigan
Grades: 3-8
Contact: Darius Jordan, or visit:
Explore what lies beneath the surface of Lake Michigan by investigating the development and use of bathymetric maps. Students will discover how technology helps fishermen find fish and historians find shipwrecks in creating a project inspired by the lake. 45 minutes.
Costs: free for qualifying schools
Points: 20
Tracks: Lakes, Maps, Technology

Nature’s Hidden Geometry
Grades: 3-8
Contact: Darius Jordan, or visit:
Nature uses patterns for building, decorating, and camouflage. Explore how geometric shapes and patterns in nature influence design. 45 minutes.
Costs: free for qualifying schools
Points: 20
Tracks: Nature, Design, Geometry

Aquatic Ecology & Habitat Hotels Lesson Plan
: 4-6
Contact: Tony Giron
The 3-day lesson plan covers habitats and food webs all within a local context. On the second day students present a solution to a man-made problem. On the third day students are bussed to UWM's School of Freshwater Sciences, learn about Habitat Hotels, and meet with freshwater scientists. This activity is available for schools located within 2 miles of the Harbor District.
Costs: covered by Harbor District, Inc.
Points: 50
Tracks: Lakes, Rivers

Bottled Water vs Tap Water Documentary
Grades: 4-7
This 19 minute documentary makes the case for choosing to drink tap water over bottled water.
Points: 20
Tracks: Conservation

STEMward: Sailing Into Schools
Grades: 3-12
Contact: Teresa Coronado; 414-277-9094
Milwaukee Community Sailing Center uses sailing to engage student in hands-on STEM learning. In the classroom: students explore the concepts of buoyancy, hull and sail shape, aerodynamics, water displacement. Next, students apply classroom lessons doing sailing fieldwork directly on Lake Michigan with MCSC sailing instructors. Students will also build model sailboats, using recycled materials, and test them. Fieldwork available April-October. The fieldwork takes place at the MCSC campus on Lake Michigan. Method of transportation is organized by schools; payment of transportation can be negotiated. For the range of resources available see:
Points: 20
Tracks: Lakes

Riverkeeper for a Day!
Grades: 4-9
Contact: Education Coordinator, Anna
Students will be able to address the following questions: What indicators and characteristics do Milwaukee Riverkeeper scientists and volunteers look for when testing water in the field? Why? What equipment do they use? Why is dissolved oxygen so important? How about pH or turbidity? What happens if too much salt gets into our rivers? Too much phosphorus? Students will use our equipment to test their own water samples and become a Riverkeeper for the day.
Points: 20
Rivers, Water Cycle & Quality

Milwaukee Community Map
Grades: 5-12
Contact: Michael Timm, Milwaukee Water Stories Program Manager
The Milwaukee Community Map is a free interactive map using Google Earth to share, explore, and create Milwaukee’s community water stories. The map hosts Water Stories, featuring local groups making a difference in our city’s collective water story; Basemaps, featuring geographic areas like watersheds, the sewer service area, and historic waterways; and Deeper Dives, featuring animated thematic tours. Click here to schedule a classroom discussion led by Reflo’s Milwaukee Water Stories program manager Michael Timm.
Points: 20
Tracks: Rivers, Watersheds, Stormwater & Green Infrastructure

STEMhero -- Personal Water & Energy Data Inquiry
Nathan Conroy
STEMhero is an award winning curriculum enhancement and professional development. It is aligned with NGSS and CCSS—born in Milwaukee and now serving teachers around the country.
Sponsored locally by MKE Plays (limited sponsored licenses available)
Data Analysis, Conservation