School Initiatives

Middle & High School

Green & Healthy Schools Wisconsin
Grades: PK-12
Green & Healthy Schools Wisconsin provides recognition for PK-12 public and private schools working to reduce environmental impact and costs, improve health and wellness, and increase environmental and sustainability literacy through a self-paced, voluntary, web-based application.
Points: 200/level

Virtual Water Table
Contact: Lisa Neeb, Green & Healthy Schools Project Manager
The Virtual Water Table, created by the nonprofit Reflo – Sustainable Water Solutions, is a versatile and dynamic mobile venue that will be available for schools to rent in 2019. Toggle the table through three engagement modes: Sandbox, Map, and Game. Sandbox mode projects an interactive contour map onto a sandbox—complete with flowing digital water. Map mode projects the Milwaukee Community Map in Google Earth. Game mode features the MKE Waterscape Game, where five players role-play through scenarios inspired by Milwaukee’s water history. Click here to put your school on the list for the 2019 rental schedule.
Points: 500
Tracks: Rivers, Watersheds, Stormwater & Green Infrastructure