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Freshwater Tool Kit
Grades: PreK-12
The Freshwater Tool Kit is a product of the MKE Water Partners designed to connect Milwaukee-area educators with activities and organizations to help teach the foundational knowledge of water resources. We believe that learners with a strong understanding of water basics will become more engaged when they learn about in-depth water resource concepts and issues such as assessing, managing and protecting our water resources, and be more motivated to become a solution to protecting our waters. The Tool Kit contains lesson plans, classroom presentations and field trip opportunities that can be led on your own, or you can be connected to one of the MKE Water Partners organizations. Contact Kae DonLevy or visit for more information!
Points: varies
Tracks: Lakes, Rivers, Watersheds, Conservation, Water Cycle & Quality, Stormwater & Green Infrastructure

Great Lakes Lessons
Grades: 4-12
Welcome to Great Lakes Lessons — your source for science, technology, engineering and math! This website features a suite of lessons, activities and data sets focused on the Great Lakes. Any of these resources may be easily incorporated into formal and informal educational settings. All the lessons, activities, teacher tools and data sets are free and targeted for 4-12th grades.
Points: 10/lesson
Standards Connections: Each lesson plan is aligned with NGSS
Tracks: Lakes, Watersheds, Water Cycle & Quality

Center for Great Lakes Literacy Curriculum
Grades: PreK-12
The CGLL website has dozens of searchable curricular resources all about the Great Lakes.
Points: 10/lesson
Standards Connections: Each lesson plan is connected to NGSS, Common Core and Great Lakes Literacy Principles
Tracks: Lakes, Watersheds, Water Cycle & Quality

Water Journeys
Grades: 3-12 is an educational nonprofit that offers information, object, experience and environmental activities connected to larger earth, air, water and energy systems.’s journeys introduce activities online, in the classroom, in the community and globally. Explore any of the Water Journeys: water; waves; watershed; water quality; water conservation; precipitation; rainwater harvesting; rain gardens; acid rain; clouds; climate; rivers; great lakes; aquaponics; fish; green roofs; urban agriculture.
Points: 20/journey reported
Standards Connections: NAAEE, NGSS Primary (K-2), NGSS Elementary (3-5), NGSS Middle School, WI Art and Design Standards
Tracks: Lakes, Rivers, Watersheds, Conservation, Water Cycle & Quality, Stormwater & Green Infrastructure

ROVe Pack
Grades: 6-8
Middle-school students can experience the engineering process while learning about Great Lakes maritime history and underwater exploration with this loanable pack. ROVe (Remotely Operated Vehicles and Engineering) provides a rich learning experience. The ROVe Pack provides the lesson plan and equipment necessary for teachers to carry out the engineering design process with students as they build their own simple ROVs within a regular classroom while using common classroom supplies and a small children’s pool. Borrow a pack from the Wisconsin Water Library.
Points: 50
Standards: NGSS engineering principles
Tracks: Lakes

Aquatic Invaders Attack Pack
Grades: 4-10
The Attack Pack is a rucksack filled with materials to help students and other groups learn about Great Lakes aquatic invasive species, the problems they cause and what can be done about them. Borrow a pack from the Wisconsin Water Library!
Points: 20
Standards Connections: NGSS and Great Lakes Literacy Principles (pg 7)
Tracks: Lakes, Water Cycle & Quality

Water Curriculum and Kids Activities Toolkit
Grades: 5-12
Learning about water – where it comes from, how it is treated and delivered, and what is required to keep it flowing – is key to understanding the value of water. A lot goes into providing high-quality and reliable water and wastewater services around the clock. Behind the scenes, scientists, environmentalists, and water quality experts are working hard to make sure water customers have the high-quality water they need and expect.
Points: 10/activity reported
Tracks: Watersheds, Conservation

Wavemaker Program
Grades: 4-7
The Wavemaker Program can be used to guide educators in some basic steps to inspire students to think about becoming better water stewards.
Points: 10/activity reported
Tracks: Conservation

Milwaukee Community Map
Grades: 5-12
Contact: Michael Timm, Milwaukee Water Stories Program Manager
The Milwaukee Community Map is a free interactive map using Google Earth to share, explore, and create Milwaukee’s community water stories. The map hosts Water Stories, featuring local groups making a difference in our city’s collective water story; Basemaps, featuring geographic areas like watersheds, the sewer service area, and historic waterways; and Deeper Dives, featuring animated thematic tours. Check back soon for suggested curricular and topical themes that intersect with the Milwaukee Community Map!
Points: 10
Tracks: Rivers, Watersheds, Stormwater & Green Infrastructure

Milwaukee Story Mapper
Grades: 7-12
Contact: Michael Timm, Milwaukee Water Stories Program Manager
A companion to the Milwaukee Community Map curated by the nonprofit Reflo – Sustainable Water Solutions, the free Milwaukee Story Mapper gives anyone the tools to create their own story map in Google Earth. The Milwaukee Story Mapper allows users to upload photos, edit text, and arrange geo-positioned placemarks that open in Google Earth. Student projects documenting research or field experiences using this tool can be combined with the Milwaukee Community Map. Click here to schedule a workshop led by Reflo’s Milwaukee Water Stories program manager Michael Timm.
Points: 50/story
Tracks: Watersheds, Stormwater & Green Infrastructure

Ravine Education Program
Grades: 4-8
Through guided observation and exploration, these lesson plans and classroom activities will enable your 4th-8th grade students to understand ravine and lakefront ecosystems prior to development, the plants and animals that historically used them as refuge, and the species that still depend on the lakefront today--including people!
Points: 10/activity reported
Tracks: Lakes, Watersheds, Conservation, Stormwater & Green Infrastructure, Water Cycle & Quality, Ravine Ecosystems

STEMhero -- Personal Water & Energy Data Inquiry
Nathan Conroy
STEMhero is an award winning curriculum enhancement and professional development. It is aligned with NGSS and CCSS—born in Milwaukee and now serving teachers around the country.
Sponsored locally by MKE Plays (limited sponsored licenses available)
Data Analysis, Conservation

Water Crisis Lesson Plans
This teacher's guide can be used as a whole or easily as individual lesson plans across a variety of core subjects. You'll find interactive activities, worksheets, research ideas and resource lists for you and your students. Together you'll discover the water crisis and, most importantly, some of the solutions to solve it for people in need.
10/lesson reported
Water Cycle & Quality