Activities from Home

Anyone can earn points for their school!
Complete any of the following activities (remember to take a photo!), tell us about them here, and we’ll give your school points. Most of these activities can be done multiple times for more points if you report each time you do them!


Explore and Connect

  • Kids grades K3-8 can spend the summer outside with the Urban Ecology Centers camps! English/Spanish (50 points/session)

  • Urban Ecology Center has great outdoor after school programs available at all three locations. Let us know if your child attends any of these events for points! (10 points)

  • Get the kids outside this Spring Break with the Urban Ecology Center’s Spring Adventure Days for kids in grades 1-6! You can sign up for as many as you like; tell us about each day your child attends for more points. (10 points)

  • Want to get out outside, but don’t have all the right equipment? The Urban Ecology Center’s Equipment Lending program has everything you need! As part of your contributing membership benefit package you can borrow canoes, kayaks, bikes, camping equipment, lawn sports, snowshoes, cross-country skis, skates, sleds and gardening tools for FREE. Share stories from your adventures using UEC gear. (10 points)

  • Water Story MKE is Milwaukee’s place-based adventure. It's a digital scavenger hunt. All you need to play is a smartphone and a sense of adventure. Travel to six sites across the city to earn points, explore secret areas, and unlock themed treks. On your journey, hear the real stories of Milwaukee's water citizens. Discover history and green infrastructure hidden in plain sight. This app is perfect for social adventure dates, friendly competition, school groups, families, tourists, or get-out-of-the-office outings. Explore our city. Have fun with your friends. Discover how water connects our past, present, and future. (20 points)



  • Kids and families can discover the many roles of water in our lives through games and activities at Discover Water, an interactive website created by Project Wet. (10 points)

  • Discover the eight Great Lakes Literacy Principles and let us know what you learned and which principle was most surprising or interesting to you. (10 points)

  • Science News for Students is filled with articles and videos on all kinds of scientific topics created for kids ages 9-14, but even more advanced learners are sure to discover something new! Tell us about the articles you read and what you’ve learned from them. (10 points)

  • Climate Wisconsin shares nine stories of how a rapidly changing climate is impacting lives and livelihoods throughout Wisconsin. Explore these short videos and the additional information below each. Did any of the stories resonate with you and your family? Do you have a climate change story to share? (10 points)

  • Kids! Explore the EEK! Water Wonders page to learn lots of neat things about the water under our feet. (10 points)

  • Learn about MMSD’s Water Drop Alerts, and sign up to receive text messages during heavy rain fall events, when it is especially important to conserve water. (10 points)

  • Use a Water Calculator to discover how much water goes into the things you use every day. (20 points)

  • Learn about different types of Green Infrastructure. How many can you name? (10 points)

  • Read up on rain gardens with the family and tell us what you’ve learned. Would a rain garden be beneficial in your yard or neighborhood? What type of plants could you put in it? (10 points)

  • Each year Milwaukee Riverkeeper creates a detailed report card on the health of the entire Milwaukee River Basin. You can find the latest edition here! Take a look and tell us about the health of the watershed you live in, or something interesting you learned while looking through the report. (10 points)


Take Action

  • Learn about Simple Solutions (English or Spanish) for conservation that you can take at home to protect our water resources. Tell us about the actions you take to earn points. (10 points/action)

  • If you take actions based on what you learned from the Water Calculator to reduce your water consumption, tell us about them for more points. (10 points/action)

  • Install a rain barrel to help capture water from your roof. (20 points)

  • October 23, 2019 is Imagine A Day Without Water. Visit their resources page and take one of the steps to start a conversation in your neighborhood, get an activity going at your school or attend a local event. Tell us about how you participated in the Day Without Water. (20 points)

  • Build a rain garden! MMSD and the Fresh Coast Guardians Resource Center have helpful resources to learn about how to build and maintain a rain garden at home, work, school or place of worship. (100 points)